What are the Advantages of Personal Cleanliness ? [ UPDATED 2022 ]

If you want to know about the advantages of Personal Cleanliness, then this article is for you. There are a lots of disadvantages of Personal Cleanliness, but we will discuss that why is personal cleanliness important. Health is the foundation of human life. It leads man towards progress and prosperity. Healthy people make a healthy … Read more

What are the two mode of reproduction ? Organs of Reproductive System.

“Nothing survives forever, still life continues in this universe.” It is because of reproduction which is the most fundamental feature of all the living functions. The living organisms reproduce at the molecular, cellular and organismie levels.      Reproduction : It is defined as the production of new individuals by sexual or asexual means, which … Read more

What are the Characteristics and Functions of Harmones ?

Endocrine(ductless) glands that control, communicate, coordinate and integrate various functions of all the body organs, by the secretion of chemical messengers called hormones collectively constitute endocrine system. Working alone or in concert as a single neuroendocrine system, they perform the same general functions. The endocrine glands secrete very minute quantities of chemical messengers called hormones (Gk. … Read more