What are the two mode of reproduction ? Organs of Reproductive System.

“Nothing survives forever, still life continues in this universe.” It is because of reproduction which is the most fundamental feature of all the living functions. The living organisms reproduce at the molecular, cellular and organismie levels.      Reproduction : It is defined as the production of new individuals by sexual or asexual means, which … Read more

What are the Characteristics and Functions of Harmones ?

Endocrine(ductless) glands that control, communicate, coordinate and integrate various functions of all the body organs, by the secretion of chemical messengers called hormones collectively constitute endocrine system. Working alone or in concert as a single neuroendocrine system, they perform the same general functions. The endocrine glands secrete very minute quantities of chemical messengers called hormones (Gk. … Read more

Describe the Mechanism and the Factors affecting Photosynthesis.

All metabolism begins with the chemical raw materials that are collectively referred to as food . Some organisms are capable of synthesising organic materials from inert inorganic substances . Such organisms are known as autotrophs . Whereas , others depend upon autotrophs directly or indirectly for the purpose of food and known heterotrophs . The … Read more

How does the Absorption of Water & Minerals by Roots take place ?

Plant physiology is the branch of Biology that deals with the study of functions of a plant. It includes functioning of cells, tissues, organs, organ systems and the organisms as a whole. Here in this topic, you are going to study about, the most fundamental processes occurring in plants which have tremendous importance in their … Read more