What is Body Posture ? Describe the advantage of Good Posture.

In this articles, we are going to discuss about what is Body Posture and what are the advantage of Good Posture. But before that we should be aware about good body posture.

Good Posture 

Posture is the body position. It may be static or dynamic such as sitting, standing, lying, walking, running, reading, etc. There are different views about posture. 

According to Physical Educationists: “Posture is a tool of mechanical efficiency of body which causes mìnimum stress to muscles. Moreover, maximum output of physical efficiency can be attained.”

According to Doctors, Posture is soundness of physiological balance of body”. 

According to Actors, ‘Posture is tool to express emotions and attitude’. From the above we can conclude that good posture helps the body to function efficiently and effectively.

advantage of Good Body Posture

Good posture reflects the personality of an individual. Moreover, it shows the expressions, emotions and attitude of mind. Thus posture is more than just the physical condition of an individual.

Correct or good posture is the position of body held without any sense of effort. The efficiency of body depends upon good posture. It is directly related to the health status of an individual.

By adopting the correct posture, the various organs of the body get rest, the body does not get easily tired and the person remains in sound health. Good posture keeps our bones in their natural shape and in proper alignment.

Correct Standing and Sitting Posture : Standing is one of the most common activities which have improved the human race from quadruped (four legs) to biped (two legs). It provides static and dynamic actions to human beings.

The correct standing posture is held without any sense of effort. Standing is a position in the body is held in upright position and supported only by the feet.

In correct standing posture feet apart about 8 to 12 inches (roughly shoulder width). Feet should be parallel to each other nd balanced evenly on both feet.

Hold the head straight, chin parallel to floor, keep shoulder, ins arid knees in straight line. From side view ear, shoulder, hip. knee and ankle should be centered along an imaginary straight line.

The Centre of Gravity (C.G.) should be with the centre of feet. Sitting is also one of the common activities in which most of our time is spent.

In correct sitting posture the backbone should be correct so that natural curve should be visible. The upper region of the backbone should be straight against the back of the chair.

Head should be in line with hip and shoulder. The arms should be balanced and the waist should touch the back of chair. The thighs should be in straight line resting on the seat of chair and legs should rest vertically on feet. 

Causes of Bad Posture

There are many causes of bad posture. Some are environmental causes and others may be due to heredity. Bad posture causes many health problems.

It reduces the physical output or efficiency to a great extent. It leads to psychological stress, bad looking, less social acceptance, etc.

It is a major cause of many postural problems like Kyphosis, Round shoulders, Lordosis, Scoliosis, Knock-knees, Bow legs, Flat foot, etc.

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Bad posture can easily be corrected and prevented if early steps are taken. Some of the general causes of bad posture are given below:

  1. Accident : Sometimes bad posture arises due to accidents. It may cause postural deformity.
  2. Disease : Many kinds of health problems like diseases, illnesses and chronic sickness cause bad posture.
  3. Lack of Nutritional Diet : Sometimes bad posture arises due to unbalanced diet, over- diet, under-diet and lack of nutritional diet.
  4. Wrong Postural Habits : The wrong sitting posture or wrong postural habits during sitting, standing, lying, working, etc., cause bad posture.
  5. Improper Treatment : Sometimes the improper treatment or wrong treatment for curing injury causes bad posture or postural deformity.
  6. Psychological Stress : Psychological stress in life leads to mental tension, unbalanced emotions or behavioural changes, Sometimes it leads to postural deformity.
  7. Lack of Sufficient Strength : The poor muscular strength or the unbalance strength of antagonist muscles cause postural deformity.
  8. Age Factor : In old age the muscular strength reduces. Thus, bad posture may arise.
  9. Poor Eyesight : Poor eyesight causes strain over head and neck. Thus, body bends forward and it may cause bad posture.
  10. Bad Shoes or Clothing : In some cases bad posture arises due to poor quality shoes clothing.

Advantages of Correct Posture 

  1. Attractive Physical Appearance : The first image of personality comes through good posture. A good posture makes individual appear smart, good looking, charming and attractive.
  2. Improves Health Status : Correct posture of body reflects positive health status of an individual. Good posture is an image of good health and sound body.
  3. Psychological Balance : A good posture improves the psychological balance of the body and mind. It improves the activeness of mind and leads to its optimum development.
  4. Lesser Strain and Pain over Joints : Good posture causes less strain and pain over joints as it distributes the body weight equally over the joints.
  5. Improves Social Status : A good physique reflects positive social qualities. Good posture is an image of happy lifestyle and social well-being of an individual.
  6. Better Functioning of Body Systems : Various systems of body get full chance to function well if good posture is maintained. It provides optimum functioning of internal organs. 
  7. Improves Appetite : Good posture increases the appetite. Thus, health status is improved; moreover, it causes less pressure over abdomen. Thus digestive organs function properly.
  8. Reduces Postural Deformities : Correct posture helps to prevent postural deformities. Thus, health problems are reduced like Kyphosis, Lordosis, Scoliosis, Knock-knees, etc.
  9. Better Skill Perfection : Good posture helps to improve skills. Thus more perfection in activity is performed. It makes the movements graceful.
  10. Better Selection of Players : Correct posture of players helps coaches and teachers for better selection of players for various activities.
  11. Optimum Physical Efficiency : Good posture provides optimum opportunity to an individual to improve physical efficiency and fitness.
  12. Good Body Balance : Correct posture provides good body balance, thus more stability of an individual is achieved while performing workout.

Exercise, Play and Recreation

Aerobic Exercises : The word ‘Aerobic’ was formulated by Dr. Cathen Cupper. He explained that activities are performed in the presence of oxygen through respiration. This oxygen help to provide continuous flow of energy for performing activity. These activities are performed with slow speed, like jogging, cycling, calisthenics, rythmic exercises, etc.

Importance of Aerobic Exercises

  • Improves heart efficiency, i.e., stroke volume is increased, heart resting time increases.
  • Aerobic activities prevent us against cardiac problems. Moreover, doctor recommends these exercises for heart patients.
  • It controls weight as it removes excessive fats from body, thus shapes body for attractive personality.
  • It improves physical fitness as a result of which the working capability increases. It causes less fatigue and tiredness.
  • Aerobic activities improve the efficiency of respiratory system by increasing vital capacity, thus oxygen carrying capacity of blood increases.
  • Improves immune system, i.e., body’s own defensive system improves, thus prevents us against diseases, illness, etc.

Anaerobic Exercises : Anaerobic activities are those in which fast paced work is done for short duration without the help of internal respiration.

In these activities, the work is done at high speed for short duration and respiration is not much affected during actions.

Anaerobic activities can be participated through many ways like short sprints, fast stepping, shuttle runs, chin-ups, jumping on spot agility runs, reflex exercises, spot running, fast skill practice, participating in skill games. almost all team games, etc., but for longer duration.

Importance of Anaerobic Exercises

  • It develops anaerobic endurance which helps to do more work at faster rate. Thus, fast working capacity improves.
  • It increases the muscular strength.
  • Regular practice of anaerobic activities delays the fatigue under stressful activity, i.e., it increases the lactic-acid tolerance capacity of an individual.
  • Regular practice increases the oxygen-debt capacity of the individual which improves the fast working capacity.
  • It improves the reflex action and speed ability along with coordinative ability.
  • It increases the fast circulation of blood in the body. Thus, they are very helpful during childhood and young age. ability.
  • It increases the fast circulation of blood in the body. Thus, they are very helpful during childhood and young age.

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