Yash Maheshwari CUET Course 2022 Review

Are you targeting CUET 2022 ? Do you want to get your dream college for your graduation ? If YES, then you should join CUET course of Yash Maheshwari in order to take your CUET exam preparation to another level.

Before knowing more about CUET course, let us know about Yash Maheshwari first.

So let get started…

Who is Yash Maheshwari ?

Yash Maheshwari, this name is known to all those students who appeared in the examination of Mathematics of ISC & ICSE. The teaching style of Yash Maheshwari & his staff is beyond anyone’s perception.

Yash Maheshwari teaches with enthusiasm that the paper will leak and many questions resembles from what he taught on his channel.

About his journey..

Yash Maheshwari started his journey as a teacher at Unacademy and then started a Youtube channel in 2020 by Er. Yash Maheshwari with the aim to provide quality content free of cost at the channel or at a very affordable cost where education becomes business when it comes to coaching for aspirants of engineering entrance exams.

Yash Sir has launched their app Maaheshwari Classes App to provide online courses on the necessary subjects for class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th.

In the beginning, he was concerned about the result of low insights on his channel but because of his consistency and continuously raising its bar in the field of competition giving everything that students need with the best environment to support them in achieving their dreams.

Available Courses

As a result of the affordable and highly effective courses, most of the students are gonna achieve commendable ranks in CUET 2022.

At Maaheshwari Classes App, students can opt from various batches such as Momentous, Class 11th PCM & Computer and Class 10th PCM subjects. Students are even allowed to opt a specific subject as per their need and affordability.

Why to choose Yash Maheshwari’s CUET Courses ?

Here are the following reasons that why you should go for his courses :

  • They will offer you Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and General Test.
  • Live Classes are from Monday to Saturday.
  • You will get Worksheet, Notes & Questions in PDF format.
  • Weekly mock test on the app itself so that students can track their progress.
  • The batches are designed according to the student affordability in mind.
  • Yash Sir also provides top quality with features like Test Series, Live Classes, Special Courses, and many more.
  • They will give you HW Sheets regularly with video solutions.
  • Course covered will be strictly as per the CUET norms ( Term 1 & Term 12 ).
  • All the live classes will also be in recorded format.

Fees Structure

Course NamePrice
CUET English LanguageRs. 2,000 /-
CUET PhysicsRs. 2,000 /-
CUET ChemistryRs. 2,000 /-
CUET MathematicsRs. 2,000 /-
CUET General TestRs. 2,999 /-


Que. Will the course cover full syllabus of CUET 2022 ?

Ans. Yes, the full course of CUET 2022 will be covered.

Que. How to contact Yash Maheshwari ?

Ans. You can do your conversation through Maaheshwari Classes App.

Que. Do they offer Commerse subjects ?

Ans. No, they do not offer you Commerse subjects.

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  1. I am also enrolled with yash sir and the things you said about yash sir and his courses are absolutely true .As a student I would strongly suggest my juniors and fellow students to enroll in his courses for best results .


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